• GoPro Camera Adapter Plate

    The GoPro camera adapter plate is designed to easily attach to our MOLLE accessory panel without the need for any tools.  

    By adding the functionality of the GoPro Hero 3 Black (sold separately), canine handlers  are now able to record video in High Definition (720p-1080i) for use as court documentation or as training aid.  

    By utilizing the GoPro Hero Black’s on-board Wi-Fi capability the handler is able to connect the camera to a smart phone or tablet without the need for cell service or Wi-Fi hotspots allowing  the handler not only remotely operate the camera functions but to also be able to  send the dog into any area and see what the dog sees in real-time, through High Definition, FPV video feedback giving the handler some of the benefits of the larger K9 Camera Systems at a fraction of the cost.


    $54.53 usd

  • Frog Dog MKT Vest

    TSE K9 Camera Adapter Panel

    Quickly and easily attach/detach the back mounted TSE Recon Camera unit to your Frog Dog MKT Vest with the K9 Camera Adapter Panel. Compatible with TSE-K9-KIT WP and TSE-K9-KIT-2W.


    Price: $45.95 (Multicam $55.95)

    Color Options: Black, Coyote, Multicam, High-vis Orange



    (compatible with the Frog Dog MKT Vest v3.0 and Frog Dog MKT Vest LT)