Elwood Rappel Bridle

The Elwood Rappel Bridle (ERB) is a device that is used to attach the MKT Vest to a Rappel Harness. Unlike other K-9 bridles which typically have a fixed leg length, the ERB bridle is designed with adjustable legs to accommodate a variety of dog weights and sizes. The ERB uses two Kong Tango Carabiners, a lightweight aluminum, double-action connector with a unique locking device that requires deliberate single-hand grip to open and designed with an auto-lock gate that automatically locks for security.


(Estimated production lead time: 4-6 weeks)


Price: $465.95

(compatible with the Frog Dog MKT Vest v3.0 and Frog Dog MKT Vest LT)

made in the USA

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  • Specs

PS22046 para D-ring

1" Milspec tubular webbing

1" Austrialpin triglide buckles,

Kong Tango carabiners

92/tex 90 nylon thread