• Custom Muzzle

    Show off your own unique flair with these custom hand painted muzzles. Let us design your one of a kind muzzle today. These muzzles are made from heavy duty Latigo leather and are hand made in the USA by Amish craftsmen, and has a steel reinforced,  nose piece to help the muzzle maintain its shape and is padded for added comfort. This muzzle is the best selling leather dog muzzle for agitation, military or police work.

    Two versions available; Agitation and Standard with either a regular buckle or a quick release buckle.

    *From November 1st – December 30, 2017 we will be donating $5 of each custom muzzle purchase to the Warrior Dog Foundation*

    Standard Muzzles – $155.99

    Agitation Muzzles – $165.99


  • Elwood Rappel Bridle

    The Elwood Rappel Bridle (ERB) is a device that is used to attach the MKT Vest to a Rappel Harness. Unlike other K-9 bridles which typically have a fixed leg length, the ERB bridle is designed with adjustable legs to accommodate a variety of dog weights and sizes. The ERB uses two Kong Tango Carabiners, a lightweight aluminum, double-action connector with a unique locking device that requires deliberate single-hand grip to open and designed with an auto-lock gate that automatically locks for security.


    (Estimated production lead time: 4-6 weeks)


    Price: $465.95

    (compatible with the Frog Dog MKT Vest v3.0 and Frog Dog MKT Vest LT)

    made in the USA

  • Fear the Dog Patch

    This limited edition “Fear the Dog” Patch aka. “Riley Patch” is 2.5” x 2.5” square, Velcro-backed PVC  patch that features the dog head in front of the crossed trident and blunderbuss is inspired by the patch worn by fictional MWD Riley from popular video game COD: Ghosts and is also the logo of the US Special Operations Multi-Purpose Canine Program.

    Patches come with numbered art card. 50 total made.

    Price $16.75

  • FROG DOG MKT Vest by Cerberus K9

    Frog Dog MKT vest v3.0

    Engineered on feedback received directly from military, SAR and LEO K-9  handlers, the FROG DOG MKT Vest v3.0 is a modular, loadbearing canine tactical vest that offers a variety of configuration options which can be customised to suit constantly changing mission profiles. The MKT Vest features a proprietary, adjustable padded chest strap design that is built for ergonomic weight distribution and for maximum comfort and unrestricted mobility.  Constructed using heavy duty, MIL-SPEC hardware and materials, the MKT vest is built  to withstand the combat environment and is suitable for rappelling, hoisting, and fast roping.




    Price: $675 (Multicam $685)

    Color Options: Black, Coyote, Multicam, High Vis Orange






    Cut and sewn in Canada

  • GoPro Camera Adapter Plate

    The GoPro camera adapter plate is designed to easily attach to our MOLLE accessory panel without the need for any tools.  

    By adding the functionality of the GoPro Hero 3 Black (sold separately), canine handlers  are now able to record video in High Definition (720p-1080i) for use as court documentation or as training aid.  

    By utilizing the GoPro Hero Black’s on-board Wi-Fi capability the handler is able to connect the camera to a smart phone or tablet without the need for cell service or Wi-Fi hotspots allowing  the handler not only remotely operate the camera functions but to also be able to  send the dog into any area and see what the dog sees in real-time, through High Definition, FPV video feedback giving the handler some of the benefits of the larger K9 Camera Systems at a fraction of the cost.


    $54.53 usd

  • Herm Sprenger 4mm Fursaver (black)

    For many years top trainers have relied on Herm Sprenger (HS) quality. Particularly for people who swim their dog regularly or live near the ocean, where a chrome collar will quickly deteriorate and start to roughen over time, HS Stainless Steel Fur Savers are highly resistant to rust.  The HS 4MM HS link design lessens the wear and tear on your dogs’ coat, and can be worn at all times.

    Herm Spenger Stainless Steel Fur Savers are expertly crafted in Germany is guaranteed against rust or breakage through the manufacturer.


  • Frog Dog MKT Vest

    MOLLE Panel

    Fully utilize the topside realestate of your Frog Dog MKT Vest with the MOLLE Panel addon which features 7 rows x 4 columns PALS webbing which provides the user with a nearly endless ability to organize and configure gear loadouts to support constantly changing mission profiles through easy attachment of  MOLLE-compatible pouches and gear.

    Rapidly change your loadout by utilizing multiple MOLLE Panels and simply swap each one out as needed.

    To the lower rear of the MOLLE Panel is a HPE Backed GoPro webbing loop which is designed to accommodate the GoPro K9 Camera baseplate adapter (sold separately).

    Price: $45.98 (Multicam $52.98)

    Color Options: Black, Coyote, Multicam, High Vis Orange



    (compatible with Frog Dog MKT Vest v3.0 and Frog Dog MKT Vest LT)

  • Placeholder

    Mutt Muffs K9 Hearing Protection

    Mutt Muffs provide passive sound reduction. They are not noise canceling. Your dog will still be able to hear, just not as loudly. They will not eliminate sound. Mutt Muffs are not designed to cure thunderstorm phobia. Most dogs know a storm is coming long before there is any thunder. Mutt Muffs are designed to prevent hearing damage.


  • Rear-End Security Strap (RESS)

    The RESS is attached via the 3 female, quick detach buckles located at the rear of the Frog Dog MKT vest  and is designed  to provide additional backend support while rappelling or hoisting your canine.



    Price: $25.49 (Multicam: $32.49)

    Color Options: Black, Coyote, Multicam, High-vis Orange




    (compatible with Frog Dog MKT Vest v3.0 and Frog Dog MKT Vest LT)

  • Frog Dog MKT Vest

    Shoulder Carry Straps

    Attach these stowable suspension straps to your K9 for times that call for a hands free carry option such as while overcoming high obstacles such as ladders and walls. The shoulder straps are adjustable and feature a quick disconnect design which allows you to quickly and safely unclip the K9 as the situation requires. Use both straps together to attach the K9 to your back, or a single strap cinched for a one-handed carry option or, fully extend it for side shoulder carry. Optional shoulder pads also available.

    Price: $36.95 (Multicam $41.95)

    Color Options: Black, Coyote, Multicam, High-Vis Orange



    (compatible with Frog Dog MKT Vest v3.0 and Frog Dog MKT Vest LT)

  • Frog Dog MKT Vest

    TSE K9 Camera Adapter Panel

    Quickly and easily attach/detach the back mounted TSE Recon Camera unit to your Frog Dog MKT Vest with the K9 Camera Adapter Panel. Compatible with TSE-K9-KIT WP and TSE-K9-KIT-2W.


    Price: $45.95 (Multicam $55.95)

    Color Options: Black, Coyote, Multicam, High-vis Orange



    (compatible with the Frog Dog MKT Vest v3.0 and Frog Dog MKT Vest LT)